Arizona Women in Healthcare

Arizona Women in Healthcare (AZWIHC) was founded to provide women in healthcare the networking opportunities and professional development tools and education, that when combined with personal ambition and commitment to personal growth and development, will lead to greater career success and satisfaction.

Through education, networking, leadership, and mentoring programs, AZWIHC strives to advance and empower women in all sectors of the healthcare industry in Arizona.

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Our Vision

Arizona Women in Healthcare will help create and sustain a healthcare industry in Arizona optimized by empowered women.

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AZWIHC provides a venue for women in healthcare to participate in an inter-disciplinary, multi-specialty organization. We connect and convene women from across the healthcare industry to create meaningful relationships, and expand our members’ opportunities. The premise for the organization is that members in a diverse organization can make a difference on issues affecting women in healthcare.

Working together, members can identify issues that impact women working in healthcare in areas such as: career planning and advancement, growth and development, and the ability to promote the diverse opportunities for women to choose careers in healthcare. Members will find opportunities for networking and mentoring. With the renewed spotlight on the low number of women in healthcare leadership roles and the need to develop the next generation of leaders, AZWIHC is bringing women in healthcare together to promote, inspire, develop, and empower each other.

Women make up half the workplace, but only 18% of top leadership positions across all sectors and have been stuck there for almost two decades, earning 77 cents to men’s dollar. Women hold 17% of board of Fortune 500 director seats and under 4% of CEO positions. Women are a valuable economic resource that is wasted if they don’t contribute their skills in senior leadership positions.

Companies with more women in top roles make more money; elected bodies with more women make better decisions. Sheryl Sandberg, Founder of Lean In states it well, “Together we are better. We are more creative, more confident and accomplish more in groups.”  AZWIHC will also participate in a Lean In Circle ( ) and Take the Lead ( efforts.


Our Mission

Arizona Women in Healthcare (AZWIHC) mission is to advance and empower women in all sectors of the healthcare industry in Arizona by providing an engaging and inspiring environment through education, networking, leadership, and mentoring programs.


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